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8 Business Ideas in Tourist Cities That You Can Start

In recent years, tourism has become a catalyst for the economy, allowing the growth and development of cities around the world. And even, becoming one of the main activities with which the inhabitants generate income. Such is the case of San José de Costa Rica, a country whose fastest-growing industry is tourism, which is one of the main engines of its economy. This makes it clear to us that we are facing a sector in constant evolution and with great opportunities to start a business in tourist cities.

Therefore, we have decided to feed your knowledge and motivate you to contemplate the possibility of starting your venture in this sector. So below we share a list of 8 profitable business ideas in tourist areas. Let’s see what this is about.

8 Business Ideas in Tourist Cities That You Can Start

At this point, we are clear that tourism can greatly contribute to the growth of cities and the economy of their inhabitants. So it is time to see some business ideas in tourist places with which you can belong to the sector.

1# Bicitours

We start our list of businesses in tourist cities with this activity that has become very popular in recent years. The visitors are routes that are carried out by the cities and surrounding areas by bicycle.

In these tours, tourists and travelers are accompanied by a professional guide, who takes them through the main tourist attractions of the place. Bike tour agencies generally offer day or night tours, mountain tours, and custom tours. As well as bicycle rental services for foreigners and nationals who want to go on their own.

An example of a city in which this tourism business is very well established in Bogotá, Colombia. A city that has been proclaimed as the world capital of the bicycle, due to its actions in favor of promoting sustainable modes of mobility.

This is reflected in the many bike tour agencies that offer their services in the main areas of the city, taking tourists through historical tours, market squares, parks, graffiti areas, and nearby towns.

2# Apartment rental

The Airbnb platform triggered the trend of renting rooms and apartments as a business option in tourist areas. This expanded the possibilities of making money by taking advantage of a house or an apartment of your own. This trend, in turn, responds to the need of those tourists and travelers who want to save costs on accommodation. As well as those who do not want to stay in a hotel and who want a more spacious and personal space for their stay.

Renting a complete apartment is also a very viable option for people looking for a longer stay in the cities, since there they have more comforts, freedom, and direct contact with the landlord. In addition to Airbnb, it is possible to promote these apartments through social networks, digital directories, and your website.

3# Typical food restaurant

If you refer to business in tourist cities, we cannot forget the typical food restaurants. These turn out to be a genuine expression of the gastronomic culture of the place.

Cities are the epicenters of culture in countries and are the perfect setting to offer various manifestations and expressions of it. This due to the large influx of visitors who arrive there. For this reason, setting up a restaurant serving native food with a diverse menu loaded with the characteristic flavors of the region can be a very profitable business.

Make sure that your typical food business is located in a commercial area, that has a large influx of visitors and that it is easily accessible. This, without a doubt, will be decisive in your success.

Take Mexico as an example. In this country, the restaurant industry contributes 15.3% of tourism GDP. This has allowed it to be represented within the tourism of the cities and to position itself in a privileged place in the world due to its wide gastronomic offer, which includes tacos, pozole, and mole enchiladas.

4# Transportation service

Transportation services will always be in high demand regardless of the destination you visit. Mobility is one of the latent needs of tourists who want to always be transported by different sectors of the cities. Many of them require a personalized and permanent service depending on the reason for the visit.

Consequently, you can start a tourist transport agency that includes different services such as:

  • Transportation from the airport and terminals to the lodging sites.
  • Transfers within the city as required.
  • Pick up at specific points.

Also, you can focus on a special segment of tourists who are those who travel for business reasons and provide them with full service throughout their stay. Another option is to partner with travel agencies, hotels, and hostels so that your company is the one who provides the service to its customers.

5# Vehicle rental

Some tourists and travelers when arriving in a city choose to rent a vehicle to move around and walk on their own. The reason for this is that many prefer to have their time freely and count the vehicle at any time of the day without having to call the transport agency and wait for the driver.

For this reason, car rentals can become one of the most profitable businesses in tourist cities. And these, although they may not be as in demand as traditional transport services, have a considerable market share. In which customers are generally willing to make a good investment to have a vehicle during their stay.

In this business, the options of vehicles for rent are diverse depending on the type of city or tourist area. It is possible to rent everything from cars, trucks, and motorcycles to boats, kayaks, and yachts. As well as ATVs, jet skis, golf carts, and even electric bikes.

6# Travel blog or local travel magazine

The internet and digital media have become fundamental consulting tools for decision-making when traveling. Through these, users search for information about tourist destinations and the services and activities available. Also, they are based on the reviews, comments, and experiences that other users have had in those places. Therefore, creating an online magazine or travel blog is one of the most innovative and demanded businesses in tourist cities today.

In this business, you can earn money by offering advertising space and promoting other tourist businesses. Or you can also ally with them and earn a commission for each new client they get through your magazine or portal.

Here you can create a digital magazine, a web portal, or a blog where you provide information about the tourist attractions of your city, the means of transportation, restaurants, and places to eat, accommodation sites, and activities that can be carried out.

Also, you can include a section of tips and experiences for travelers and tourists to share their experiences.

7# Souvenir shop

One of the businesses in the most traditional tourist cities of all and one of those that always look good in any destination, since visitors and tourists often take home souvenirs and gifts for their family and friends. Therefore, setting up a souvenir shop in a very busy area of ​​your city is a good business idea. Among the products to be offered are local handicrafts, costume jewelry, ornaments, and pictures or paintings. As well as clothing characteristic of the region, accessories, and crafts.

In this type of business, the collaborative economy works very well, since you can connect with different suppliers and market their products. Also, if you have the talent and ability, you can make the products yourself and add your personal touch.

8# Hostel

Hostels are a type of accommodation that has become very fashionable, especially among young people, backpackers, foreign tourists, and people who travel alone. They are generally low-cost and have shared rooms, as well as common areas. They are ideal for interaction between guests and for creating new friendships.

Unlike a traditional hotel, a hostel requires a lower investment. Well, it is even possible to adapt a house for its operation. The ideal is that it is located in a favorite area for tourists and that it has everything necessary to serve them.

As an example of this type of business, we have a hostel that came to change the hosting services of this type, we refer to Selina. A network of hostels with a presence in Central America, the United States, Mexico, Europe, and South America. That in addition to accommodation services, it has coworking spaces. In which travelers can spend long periods and at the same time work. Without a doubt, a clear example of the potential and versatility of these businesses.

Final words

The possibilities of starting a business in tourist cities are increasing every day. Thanks to the leading role that tourism has taken in the economy of many countries around the world. Well, we see how through this activity many communities have managed to benefit and improve their quality of life. And you, are you interested in undertaking in this sector? This is the right moment! Tell us in the comments which of these business ideas you would like to carry out in your city.

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