Co Marketing – What Is It, Reasons, Planning, Actions, Advantages

The Co marketing is a strategy that is based on the participation of two companies unify their efforts to promote offers Co-branding. Within the Co marketing association, the two participating companies are looking for ways to share content or promote a product to obtain favorable results.

When this type of relationship or partnership is carried out, Co marketing campaigns are designed in order to provide better sales opportunities and a greater recognition and efficient work possible.

Why should Co marketing be used?

Co marketing should be used for the following reasons:

  • It helps brands to increase the number of customers and in turn show new content.
  • The easiest way for this strategy is when two companies that have similar clients join part of their work and promote it for both clients.
  • It is content that mostly offers sales opportunities that help capture customer information.
  • It allows both companies to offer offers that give them twice the sales opportunity.
  • The important thing when conducting a Co marketing campaign with a certain partner is to be sure that the purpose of the project maintains similarity for both companies and thus have the same satisfaction of needs.

Planning a Co Marketing Agreement

When deciding who to work with and for everything to work properly, it is essential to implement certain expectations and a good plan to carry out the project. The tips below can help the parties comply with the provisions of the deal:

  • The objectives must be clear: To increase sales opportunities, both parties must strive in the same way so that everyone benefits.
  • An agreement must be reached on the subject of content: It is important to choose a subject that manages to attract and favor both parties.
  • It is necessary to establish deadlines for both parties: In the case of high volume content, it is recommended to increase the time and in this way, comments will be received and approval of the final content will be achieved.
  • Specify skills: There is a possibility that between two companies there are better people than others who do their work better, which means that if each company assigns work according to the abilities of each worker, the process will be more effective.
  • Elaboration of fundamental aspects: To cover the important aspects of the project, it is necessary to take into account agreements such as the theme, objectives, resources, time of the project, sales opportunities, and promotion period, among others.

Actions to Create Co Marketing

Here are some actions that can be developed in companies to implement the different strategies used by different brands:


Simultaneously creating a blog post is much easier to carry out a Co marketing project.


Making a video with a partner is one way to get the message across to the public.

Online and offline events

This strategy can be modeled in large events, either online or offline.


It is quite common Co marketing content, since it classifies the work in a simple way, while one person does the design, another does the content, and so on.


It is a type of marketing content of greater preference, these are due to the fact that you can get an expert who has the disposition to talk about a topic, of which you have mastery.

Advantages of Co marketing

The Co marketing has a number of advantages to carrying out the corresponding actions, among them they are:

  • By joining marketing efforts, low-budget companies can carry out this activity for a very little budget, which is profitable to implement the practice.
  • This strategy offers offers to customers that are highly valued.
  • Co marketing is a strategy that can be used in any type of brand while targeting similar audiences.
  • It has the ability to reach an audience, which is often difficult for companies to get their attention.
  • It is a strategy that promotes a good image to consumers of the two brands.
  • It offers the opportunity to open up new channels to promote associated companies.
  • By launching the marketing actions, you allow the knowledge and experiences of the two brands to be shared.

In all co marketing relationships, you must be sure that there will be a benefit for the work effort of both parties. In this sense, for this to work properly, it is essential to apply expectations and a plan for the project you want to carry out, where both partners must fulfill their part of the deal to be successful.

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