Competency Interview? – What is it, Tips, Types, and Analysis?

The competency interview is a type of interview that is used to select personnel through experts, it is an effective process that provides great advantages and predicts job performance in a better way than the traditional interview.

When speaking of an interview for job competencies, it refers to the recruitment that contains more in-depth questions, in order to verify that the applicant is fit to perform their duties.

This type of interview does not rule out the combination of more conventional questions that relate to the functions, professional or work experience, the responsibilities that have been carried out, and the impression that the candidate shows to fit in with other employees.

With the competency interview, it is possible to delve into the strengths, achievements, abilities, skills, and weaknesses that the candidate has and thus determine if they can really perform the job position.

Tips for efficiently conducting a competency interview

It is essential not to make mistakes when submitting to a job interview. So that this does not happen, it is necessary to take into account the following tips that are imposed by the human resources departments of companies and can be very useful during the interview:

Connect to yourself

Knowing yourself is very important for the interview to be effective, for this, you can write down the virtues and defects, in addition, you must think about everything that could be contributed to the company in case of being selected.

Research about the company

It is necessary to have information about the company where you want to work, its values, culture, and especially about the work area to be performed. This information can likely be found through the company’s website.

Find out about the job

You must investigate the position offered, in this way you will know about the skills required by the position, its functions, and the regulations of the company.

Prepare possible questions

Once you have the necessary information about the skills of the position you want to aspire to, you can make a possible questionnaire of questions that could arise during the interview.

These can be based on experiences about the competences and in relation to these anecdotes, examples, and situations can be prepared, to get an idea of ​​what is going to be said depending on the possible questions. This will create greater security to respond more fluently.

Types of interview by competences

Today the job competency interview has achieved a high level in Human Resources departments, which has allowed the development of certain categories such as the following:

Critical Event Competency Interview

In these interviews, the applicant is placed in front of certain critical events, where it is a question of evaluating different perspectives, according to the way the candidate acts.

This type of event can be real or fictitious and requires an approach before the interview and, at the same time, how to conduct the analysis of it and the answers to be obtained.

Strengths-focused interviews

It is a model with greater expansion within the innovation and technology sector since within this sector it is essential to increase the number of people trained to take on tough challenges, who even without having the experience have enough ability to successfully assume the position.

Usual competency interview

It is a fairly common model in companies that send written responses, with a large number of options or through video responses, which is an innovative alternative.

In it, you can define different competencies that are necessary to choose the position and the elaboration of a series of answers that have a score that in the end must be totalized to select the candidate with the most points.

Performance-focused interview

According to the surveys, it is the most widely used model of interview by competencies, it is based on interviews where the way is sought to know how the applicant faces various situations such as those described above. It focuses on the knowledge of the past and the experience of the applicant.

Analysis of the different competences

To differentiate competencies, they must be classified by categories, this will allow them to be quickly identified and facilitate the interview process. The most important competencies will be shown below:

  • Individual competencies: It focuses on the ability of the applicant to be independent when he must demonstrate his knowledge, that he can take risks and make decisions firmly and safely.
  • Analytical skills: It is about decision-making and the ability of the person to control different variables at the same time. This competition seeks a way to know the degree of control and the detailed attention that the applicant can provide when facing specific situations.
  • Motivational competencies: This competency is based on the aspirations that the candidate has in relation to the position he/she is going to perform and how far he/she is willing to go to achieve a better professional level within the company.
  • Leadership competencies: Currently there is a great demand for work, therefore, many people are trained to lead within companies. To be a leader you need to be assertive, be an example to follow, have the critical thinking, and especially social sensitivity.
  • Change management skills: Technology is updated every day with innovative tools, this has motivated companies to incorporate it as command measures to improve the capabilities of their employees.

The competency interview is a quick and direct process, which is based on the knowledge of the competencies that are to be found in the job applicant, however, any negative event could cause selection errors.

To avoid this, the communication between the applicant and the interviewer must be as fluent as possible so that the candidate feels comfortable, safe, and does not lose control during the development of the interview.

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