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How to create a children’s event company | Start your kids party business

Birthdays, baptisms, and communions are some of the occasions in which parents honor their children with a children’s party. On the other hand, there are children’s parties organized by some companies for the entertainment and enjoyment of the staff’s children. All of this results in great interest to meet these needs and also an opportunity to enter the market with a new venture. So… pay close attention to this guide on how to start a children’s event business.

Next, we will see in detail 8 steps to starting a children’s party organization business. We assure you that all this information can be applied in the different stages of your entrepreneurship process.

How to create a children’s event company step by step

To start a children’s party business it is necessary, in addition to the ability and the desire to undertake, to have a basic guide that allows you to carry out in a more organized way everything related to the start-up of the new company. Let’s look at these elementary steps to create a children’s event company.

1# Name and description of the business

If you are wondering about how to create a children’s events company, the first thing you should do is think about the name and characteristics of your business. Regarding the name, it has to be striking, easy to remember and provide an idea of ​​what your company does. Remember that you are going to offer services related to children, so make sure the name has a fun and cheerful touch.

Regarding the description of the business, the idea is that from the beginning you specify what you want to do and achieve. That is, to raise in a general way what the activity of your company will be, as well as its mission, vision, and objectives. This will help you to have a clearer perspective to establish the way forward. Also, it will provide you with the identity on which you will build the rest of the foundations of your children’s party business.

2# Business plan

Planning is vital in the process of how to create a children’s events company, as this will be the basis on which you will work from now on. Through a business plan, you are going to capture and organize the ideas and actions necessary to start your business and meet its objectives. This is not as complicated as it seems since it can be a simple and punctual document with the most relevant points. You can even make a business plan on one page.

The business plan of your children’s events company must include the following elements:

  • Market research: To have a vision about the business environment and identify the competition and their performance, as well as to know the target audience.
  • Products and/or services: Here you must specify what exactly you are going to sell. You can be inclined to offer only one service, such as decoration. Or you can cover some others like animation, meals, etc. and articulate them together to assemble packages.
  • Marketing and sales: Indicate what will be the marketing strategies that you will implement to promote your business and boost sales. To define these strategies you must take into account the results of your market research.
  • Goals: Set specific goals and frame them in a certain period, you can start with three that are key to the success of your new business. For example, get a certain amount of money in sales in two months, or achieve a position covering such a percentage of market share.
  • Financial summary: To determine the initial investment budget, the fixed maintenance costs of the business, and the income projections.

3# Supplies and equipment

Based on all the research and planning of the previous point, the necessary inputs for the provision of services will be defined. In the process of how to create a children’s events company, you must make an initial list to verify what you have to buy and its cost. Remember that this will depend on the services you are going to offer, but in general terms such as basic supplies and equipment we find:

  • Decoration items: balloons, pennants, garlands, frosts, paintings, streamers, confetti, etc.
  • Games, gifts, and reminders
  • Inflatables of different shapes and sizes
  • Tables and chairs
  • Light and sound equipment
  • Costumes, make-up, puppets, dolls, piñatas
  • Ingredients for meals: candy, cotton candy, hot dogs, sandwiches, drinks, cakes.

In addition to this, you will need a computer, printer, telephone, and a vehicle to transport your equipment and work items.

4# Personnel

To start a children’s party decoration business, a large number of persons is not necessary, since between 4 and 6 employees will be enough. Keep in mind that you must make an equitable distribution of functions and ensure that the people appointed for the position have the experience and skills to perform it.

As part of your work team you will need people who perform the following functions:

  • Two logistics people who are in charge of setting up the equipment, games, tables, etc.
  • One person for decoration
  • An entertainer
  • An assistant to support in complementary tasks
  • One person for administrative and accounting tasks

Also, you can hire external people if you require more support depending on the size of the event. Do not forget to have a collaborator who makes the photographic record of the events.

5# Location

The location of your children’s events company will depend exclusively on your objectives and business model. And it is that to start in this area you don’t need to have a local because you can be part of the home-based businesses that offer their services through digital channels.

If you want to adapt the premises to serve your customers and store all your equipment, it must have enough space for this purpose. Ideally, you should have a reception area, a meeting room, a battery of bathrooms, and a small cellar or room to store equipment. Regarding the location, it should be central in commercial areas and easily accessible.

On the contrary, if you want to attend at home, make sure you have enough means so that your clients can communicate easily and quickly with you. It can be through social networks, a web page, a WhatsApp number, an email, or all the options together.

6# Service packages

One of the most important steps in how to create a children’s events company is to build your catalog of services. As we mentioned in the first step, the idea is that you are clear about what you are going to offer, and based on that, consolidate your packages. Remember that within this business you can offer services such as:

  • Party decorations
  • Animation with characters such as clowns, puppets, etc.
  • Inflatable games rental
  • Catering and meals
  • Reminders, gifts, and recreational activities
  • Rental of audiovisual equipment

Don’t forget that you can only go for 1 or 2 of these services, to begin with, or you can tackle them all. You must also specify the duration of each service and each package, if applicable so that you can also establish the hourly rates. An example of a service package for your children’s party business would be like this:

Package 1: 2 inflatables + decoration + animation show with puppets and music + surprise reminder + catering service and food: hot dogs. This package covers 4 hours of programming.

7# Promotion

In addition to planning, budgeting, and supplies, the success of a business is determined by promotional strategies. These will be the vehicle to attract customers and increase sales. For this reason, it is vitally important that in the process of how to create a children’s event company you plan which advertising marketing strategies you are going to implement. These strategies should be considered from the business plan and applied before, during, and after the start-up.

The options here are very diverse since you can promote your business through traditional marketing strategies such as merchandising, radio spots, or flyers. As with digital marketing strategies such as SEO positioning, email marketing, video marketing, or content marketing with a website.

8# Company registration

The last step, but not least in our guide on how to create a children’s events company, is to legally establish the company before the competent entities. Here you must carry out a series of legal procedures to formalize your business, which varies according to the country in which you are. However, there are several common aspects for registering new businesses, these are:

  • Choose a legal form, either as a natural or legal person.
  • Process the operating license, this depends on the type of business and its activity.
  • Affiliate employees to social security.
  • Register in the commercial register, chamber of commerce, or entity in charge of regulating the creation of companies.

Final Words

Children’s events and parties will be services with a significant demand at different times of the year, so the market is open to receive new innovative ventures. However, these must meet the needs of customers effectively, with quality service, and present a differential from the competition.

Don’t forget that creativity, patience, empathy, and a vocation to interact with children are very important in this business. That, added to planning, discipline and hard work will be the keys to achieving a profitable and successful business.

We hope that our guide will help you nurture your new business and that you can apply all these steps in your venture. Good luck on the way!

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