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Tech Business Ideas – 13 Technology-Related Ventures

Technology and entrepreneurship, a combination that has resulted in great tech business ideas. The digital revolution brought a huge change in all areas of our lives and consumer habits. Facilitating learning, access to knowledge, the acquisition of goods and services, and even the way we make decisions and solve problems.

For this reason, technology has become the ideal ally for companies and entrepreneurs seeking innovative and successful businesses. So if you are an entrepreneur who wants to venture into this sector, surely you need some business ideas related to technology to plan your project and invest.

Below we will show you a list of 13 profitable tech business ideas with great growth probabilities.

13 Best Profitable Tech Business Ideas

1# Mobile Apps

Smartphones and mobile devices are here to stay. Well, its use has become essential for many of the activities we do daily. So this industry is one of the most profitable for the creation of technological businesses. Mobile app development fits most, if not all, markets. We can find apps for games, fitness, health, teaching, photo editing, augmented reality, and more. The key in this business is to focus on a little-explored market niche that, in turn, meets one or more needs.

So if you are a programmer or developer, it is time for you to do market research and start thinking about a new app. Even if you don’t have the knowledge to do it, you can seek alliances with freelance professionals interested in the business. For starters, you can offer the app for free on the App Store and Google Play and earn money by inserting advertising.

2# Videogames

The creation of video games is one of the tech business ideas that moves the most money annually. And the market is very broad, as there are games for social networks, educational, specialized consoles, PCs, among others. Entering this industry can be done in the following ways:

  • Set up a video game franchise and host it on your pc with a good internet connection and a VPS or dedicated server.
  • Buy Licensed Game Files that include installation media and server.
  • Build a web page that hosts games in HTML5 or Javascript formats.
  • Create a video game from scratch by choosing an appropriate programming language and an API.

Being part of the world of videogames not only requires knowledge in programming and software development, creativity and innovation are also essential. If you are interested in making this one of your tech business ideas, you can learn more in this article: Business idea: build or develop a video game.

3# Video Production

Videos have become one of the most used marketing and advertising media in the business world. And it is not for less, since currently, more than 80% of the content that is consumed on the internet is video. Which translates into profitable technology businesses focused on video production. Be it commercial, corporate, animated, testimonial, or educational videos. With the use of cameras and professional equipment and the proper handling of the different editing software, great audiovisual productions can be achieved.

Investing in this business requires optimal planning, experience, market research, and processes. But if these elements are effectively combined to meet the growing market demand, you will undoubtedly be able to set up a lucrative business.

4# Website Quality Consultant

Also known as web consulting, this is one of the most popular online technology businesses on the internet. A web consultant is the one in charge of thoroughly reviewing company websites. Providing a report with the opportunities and threats present there. It also proposes effective improvement strategies focused on the client’s goals and objectives. Through these strategies, the budget can be invested in actions such as enhancing the brand, increasing visits, and offering a better user experience.

Undoubtedly, a profile is in high demand by companies that use their website as a cover letter and gateway to customers. So being a web consultant can be a very profitable business if you get a good portfolio of clients.

5# 3D Prints

Although it is not a completely new technology, its full potential has not been exploited and its use is still limited in many countries. More and more machinery and materials are available in the market to set up a 3D printing business. To put you in context we will tell you a little history. 3D printers were created a little over 30 years ago. The pioneer was Charles Hull who devised the first apparatus to reproduce small objects using liquid. This revolutionized the world of engineering but failed to catch on. It is until 2005 that the first initiatives for the development of 3D printers for the general public emerged.

Now, today many businesses work with this technology. From shoes, household items, and auto parts to prosthetics and organs. So if you have the capital and a good idea, you can start researching and advising yourself to start in the world of 3D printing.

6# Smart Clothing

One of the most innovative technology business ideas, as it refers to the reinvention of clothing. This is an industry that has not yet taken off, but many of its products can already be seen on the market. Smart clothing offers users the possibility to monitor their state and physical condition using artificial intelligence. This technology is called “Wearable” and has been researched and applied mostly in the sports field. However, it is becoming more and more accessible to the general public.

Some of these wearable garments include socks with sensors to measure the number of steps, the distance traveled, and the altitude. Also, jackets that can be connected to mobile devices, backpacks with USB ports, among other wonders. There is not much more to say, only that this is one of the most revolutionary technology businesses with great growth potential.

7# Cloud Computing

Known as cloud services, computing cloud or, in simpler terms, the cloud. It is a business model that offers storage services, access, and the use of technological resources hosted in a cloud on the internet. The cloud offers companies and individuals the possibility of having secure and easily accessible resources without having to buy them directly. In other words, the idea here is to make your cloud available to users around the world so that they can store their files.

8# Internet of Things (IoT)

This is a concept that has been around since the end of the last century and refers to the connection of everyday objects with the internet. It sounds simple but in reality, it is a technology that is gaining strength in the field of disruptive innovation. The objective of this technology is to connect millions of objects to the network using different communication protocols. To collect and monitor data with which humans can make smarter and more efficient decisions in all aspects of life.

This ranges from controlling the security of the house with a device or regulating the temperature of a crop, to a smart car that detects the fastest journeys. In other words, the primary function of the IoT is the management and management of information to achieve more efficient processes. It sounds like something innovative and revolutionary, don’t you think? and it is. Many companies and entrepreneurs are already discovering the benefits of the internet of things. And shortly, this will be one of the most profitable tech businesses of all time.

9# Phygital

Phygital refers to the combination of e-commerce and physical stores to take advantage of the best of both channels and offer a unique shopping experience. More and more brands are betting on offering a Phygital experience to their buyers. And thanks to the growth and boom of online stores it is logical that this is one of the most successful technology business ideas. It represents an omnichannel experience that provides a unique perception of a company at the forefront.

Whether you want to implement the Phygital experience in your business to reach consumers in the physical environment and online at the same time. Or that you want to dedicate yourself to offering it as a service to other companies. Without a doubt, there is an interesting business opportunity here to start and grow.

10# Blockchain

Blockchain technology or chain of blocks appeared in 2009 along with Bitcoin. It is a huge database that houses information on digital transactions that can be consulted by everyone. This information cannot be modified as it is encrypted and is immediately replicated throughout the network. Blockchains can be public or private.

Implementing blockchain technology in company processes is often very useful to optimize them and improve security. Some of the fields in which the blockchain has been implemented include banking institutions and government services. Also, social security, payments, and audits.

11# Cybersecurity

As we know, cybersecurity refers to the set of technological tools used to protect the information in the cyber environment. For companies, it is essential to have this type of tool to take care of their computer systems. As well as to react quickly and efficiently in the event of an attack. Indeed, it is an indispensable service in this digitized world where private and sensitive data and information are constantly exposed.

Clearly, it is one of those technology businesses that over the years have grown thanks to the demand from companies that need to protect their information. If you are a computer or systems engineer looking for entrepreneurship, this could be the business for you.

12# Software Development

Software development includes creating games, mobile applications, extensions, or special computing solutions. And it continues to be one of the technology business ideas with the highest demand and field of action. The need to introduce new technologies within companies is constant and therein lies the importance of this business.

As we can see, as the years go by, this need is growing. Therefore, it represents a great opportunity to venture into technology businesses. So bringing innovative software solutions to companies in all industries could result in a highly profitable and scalable business.

13# Repair and Maintenance of Computers and Mobile Devices

We end this list with a classic technological business idea that will not go out of style. Well, the permanent use of our computers and mobile devices ends up affecting their performance. For this, it is necessary to have on-hand repair and maintenance services for computers and mobiles. The demand is very high, and consumers are willing to pay the right price for a quality service that guarantees good results. So if you have technical knowledge and skills in this area, surely it will not cost you a lot of work to start your own business.


We’ve finished our tour of some of the best tech business ideas to undertake. It is not a secret that technology is already an essential part of our lives and 100% necessary to carry out daily activities. In addition to greatly improving processes and quality in the provision of service to companies.

Investing in a technology business is a step towards innovation and the future. Do not think twice and plan your next technology business, the world is waiting to know your great ideas.

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