What is Geomarketing? Tools, Types, and Steps

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Discover GeoMarketing, and make your business take off with a marketing strategy based on geographic space

In this article, we will talk about what geomarketing is and what are the benefits of this process for the performance and strategies of your organization.

Geomarketing belongs to the great family of marketing techniques. It specializes in the analysis of the behavior of economic individuals (clients and companies) according to a specific geographic space.

Let’s know what geomarketing is and its main characteristics so that you decide to apply it as one of your next strategies.

What is geomarketing?

Geomarketing is a type of research that uses smart location to increase the chances of getting a specific message to the right consumer at the right time.

This can be accomplished in several ways, but the common factor is that location data is used as part of marketing efforts.

The geographical orientation is a common form that is simply defined as the delivery of content to users, usually via their mobile devices, depending on where they are or what places have visited before.

This tool allows you to boost marketing efforts, using digital mapping to organize and display data for review and decision making.

Specialists can analyze data by geographic region or specific physical location.

Geomarketing is a tool used by marketers and market researchers to determine strategies and create effective campaigns, and as a data management method that provides powerful and actionable information about the market environment we want to focus on.

Tools that geomarketing has

Through geomarketing you can obtain geographical data, but also social, behavioral, and demographic data.

Consequently, it allows you to cross the information you have with the data collected in the geographical area that is the object of study to determine its potential.

Geomarketing has three main tools to achieve the objectives.

We will briefly describe each of them below.

  • Market Segmentation: With this tool, organizations can show ads to people who have visited a specific location, brand, or category within a specified period. Additionally, organizations can combine visitation data with demographic data for a detailed focus on behavior, shopping, and more to create their own custom audiences.
  • Orientation by location: With this, it is possible to obtain detailed information on the behavior of customers in certain geographical spaces, which includes a mobile location in the facilities, knowing if customers are near the point of sale or within the place, to show them promotions particular according to your location.
  • Climate orientation: With this, it is possible to know the behavior of the consumer based on the climatic changes in the place where it is located. Businesses can take advantage of this information to influence their behavior and improve sales.

Types of clients for Geomarketing

The main clients that you can attack using geomarketing and that will help you obtain a large amount of data to create effective campaigns and achieve a position in the market are the following:

  • Local customers: When a business is looking to expand to a new location, geomarketing can tell them which areas show the highest demand for the products or services. Also, they can use data to determine the best places to buy advertisements, based on residences and customer base traffic patterns.
  • Internet Clients: Online shoppers transmit the geographic location of their computer through its IP address. Company websites can use this information to display their pages in the user’s language and display specific campaigns.
  • Mobile Device Users: Consumers can receive discounts, e-coupons, and other incentives based on their location at any time.
  • Social media users: Many social media platforms allow users to register in various places. These companies can send specific offers to your ideal audience.

Steps to carry out a geomarketing process

If you are thinking of starting to test geomarketing, we have for you the steps that will help you achieve it easily and obtain the results you expect:

Define the objective of your campaign

This first step is essential so that you can determine which technologies you want to use and which ads are best suited for your audience.

Additionally, setting a goal also gives you a way to measure the success of your marketing campaign.

The most common goals of geomarketing include:

  • Get more traffic to the website: Traffic simply means more growth opportunities. The more visitors your website has, the more conversions it will receive if that traffic is qualified.
  • Attract more visitors to the store: The socio-demographic data you obtain through a survey will help you create your customer profile and focus on the areas where consumers are most likely to appreciate your offer. You can define your target market by doing an analysis that includes their buying habits.
  • Create brand awareness. Developing a reputation as one of the key objectives of a company if it wants to act in its market and achieve its goals.
  • Get more people to accept a certain offer. You will have the necessary data to propose an ideal offer that meets their needs and desires and that they will not be able to resist.
  • Encourage people to participate in a dynamic. You will be able to select the dynamic participants based on the objectives of your various campaigns and the profile you wish to attack.

Set the time of your investigation

The second step of your geomarketing process consists of defining a time to carry out the research process.

Visiting and demographic data can help you determine when your customers are most likely to see promotions for your products and services. Having this data, you can make better decisions to act.

Define a location

The third step of the geomarketing process is to define a location for your research.

With location, you can use behavior to build your ideal customer and ensure the success of your products.

You can apply georeferenced surveys and get the feedback you need.

Importance of Geomarketing for the best performance of your organization

There are many reasons why using this location-based insight makes sense for businesses.

Imagine that you need to know where to open a new branch of your business. So a geomarketing analysis can help you discover the areas where your target audience spends their time and attract them easily.

The data geomarketing are excellent to discover the behavior of the customer based on consumer habits.

This is because they reveal how consumers move between different outlets, where they stop. After all, something caught their attention, and where they shop.

In other words, you can use geomarketing to determine typical consumer buying patterns and use the information to better target the marketing of your products and services.

Another use for geomarketing is to target digital advertising campaigns to particular demographics to market to customers who are most likely to buy and not launch campaigns to the wrong target.

Now that you know what geomarketing is and the benefits that knowing the location of customers has for your organization, start collecting the necessary data to properly direct your strategies.


Now, you know a little more about the geomarketing technique and the benefits it can bring to our businesses, what do you think about it? Do you consider including it in your strategy to get the best results?

I hope you liked the article, and do not leave without leaving me your opinion in the form of a star. Thank you very much!

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